About Jones Catering

I am a professional chef, on vacation. I am currently living in Grenada, supporting my wife in her life long dream to become a Veterinarian. Grenada is the last island in the West Indies islands. It is about 100 miles off the coast of South America. I trained at Orange Coast College and started my professional career while going to school. I started out as the prep cook for a small catering company at the University of California Irvine. In school I excelled in knife skills, menu planning and the art of sauces. I have, in my short career, experienced many different types of culinary situations and have yet to fail.

 The list of events that I have been a part of are quite basic. I had worked for a huge Food and Beverage company in southern California. I worked as a Sous Chef for the Los Angeles Angels, and the Anaheim Ducks. The company that I worked for also did the food and beverage in which I supported other chefs at: “The Greek theater” – in Los Angeles, “The Home-Depot Center” – in Carson, CA., The Los Angeles Convention Center, The Anaheim Convention Center, Dodger’s Stadium, The Los Angeles Forum, USC Arena, HP Pavilion, Rabo Bank Arena, Chula Vista Amphitheater, Palm Springs Tram, Staples Center. You could say that have seen a lot in my short career. Luckily for me I was always at the right place at the right time. I have cooked food for many Musicians, Professional Athlete’s, Political officials and regular people like you and me.

I currently make microwavable gourmet meals for students in Grenada. What I do is: Create a international cuisine menu consisting of 5 menu items. E-mail the menu to my customers and they respond to the e-mail with the quantity and items in-which they would like to purchase. I then make all the food in one day and deliver/distribute the food on that same day. If they purchase 1 of everything it will cost them $140 EC (Eastern Caribbean Dollar) which translate into $60 USD. Now for 5 meals already cooked and ready to eat for $11 each, I believe that to be a great deal. Taking into consideration that they are getting such things as, Pho, Pad Thai, Chicken Marsala, Fried Kentucky Chicken, Enchiladas, Chicken tortilla soup, and many more.

So that is what I do.


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